After 152 Years, Total moon eclipse on Wednesday to be visble in Pakistan on Jan 31

ISLAMABAD: An full moon shroud will be completely obvious in different parts of world including Pakistan on Wednesday at moonrise time. It will be obvious in expansive parts of United States (US), Northeastern Europe, Russia, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, and Australia.

The aggregate period of this lunar eclipse, otherwise called a Blood Moon, would noticeable penumbra l at 15-51 PST, an authority of Met office told APP. While the halfway eclipse would start at 16-48 PST though the aggregate overshadowing would begin at 17-52 PST, in any case, the best shroud time is 18-31PST.

The total eclipse would end at 19-08 PST, halfway shroud at 20-11 PST, and penumbral overshadowing at 21-08 PST.