With 2.4% growth Pakistan’s population soars to 207m

Pakistan’s present aggregate population has taken off to 207.744520 million with a normal yearly growth rate of 2.4 percent from schedule year 1998, as recorded in as of late finished up 6th Housing and Population Census.

As indicated by the provincial reports summaries the census which were exhibited in the Council of Common Interests on Friday, this population number included 132,189,531 country and 75,584,989 urban population, demonstrating a general population growth at 57 percent amid the period 1998-2017.

The figures recorded in the evaluation additionally demonstrated 2.23 percent growth in country zones and 2.7 percent in urban ranges during these years as the male population at give remains at 106,449,322 the female population at 101,314,780, and the number of inhabitants in transgender at 10,418.

According to the commonplace separation, Punjab has population of 110,012,442 people with yearly growth of 2.13 percent from the period 1998-2017. The provincial population of Punjab remains at 69,625,144 and urban 40,387,298, indicating yearly normal development of 1.81 percent and 2.74 percent.