On The 70th Independence Day: Zong 4G Creates a Virtual Tour of Quaid’s Birthplace

Zong 4G, under its Corporate Social Responsibility program has flabbergasted all of Pakistan with an uncommon 70 year commemoration present to the country. On the 70th Independence Day, Zong 4G Creates a Virtual Tour of Quaid’s Birthplace.

This Independence Day, Zong 4G’s ‘New Hope’ volunteers pay praise to the best legend of our Independence, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, by making a virtual voyage through his origination, Wazir Mansion, Karachi.

This virtual visit, set at Zong 4G’s corporate website page, enables guests to take 3D voyage through Quaid’s family home. The visit permits an ‘existence like’ ordeal of strolling through the passageway and lobbies that were once strolled by the immense pioneer himself. The visit enables access to Quaid’s room, study and his library which has the first furniture that has been protected in its unique state. The second floor shows bewildering relics, for example, Quaid’s attire, wearable and extras that were under his utilization and gives us a look into his exquisite way of life. Wazir Mansion, referred to formally as “Quaid-e-Azam Birthplace Museum” is a previous family home in the Kharadar region of Karachi, Sindh. The superb structure was worked amid 1860-1870 with stone brick work in lime and jute mortar to suit the unstable climate of Karachi. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s dad got the house for lease in 1874 and settled here.

In an announcement discharged today, Zong 4G’s Director Corporate Affairs Mr. Maham Dard said;
“This house, where Quaid put in 16 years of his adolescence and youth is a valuable national landmark that gives motivation to every one of us. Zong 4G has propelled this visit on the event of our 70th Independence Day so individuals from all over Pakistan and the world can for all intents and purposes visit the primary home of the father of our country and experience the amazement of this great place themselves.”

“Zong 4G, being Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network, takes extraordinary pride in advancing the reason for a computerized Pakistan. This activity is our modest commitment towards our city obligations, which we appreciate and esteem as one of our center duties to the Pakistani society.”

Zong 4G, is the main 4G administrator of Pakistan with a 75% 4G piece of the overall industry and 4G scope in more than 300 urban areas across the country. The organization as of late declared its intends to redesign 100% of its system to 4G by year end. The organization has additionally declared plans to put over $200 Million in Pakistan in 2017. Zong 4G’s goal, as communicated through the brand guarantee of “A New Dream” is to use the innovative edge in 4G LTE to carefully change the way of life of Pakistani individuals and this momentous exertion is in accordance with Zong 4G’s aspiration to lead Pakistan into another digitized age.