Accountability court indicts finance minister Ishaq Dar in corruption case

ISLAMABAD: An Accountability court on Wednesday indicts Finance Minister Ishaq Dar regarding debasement references that were recorded against him. Nonetheless, Dar denied all charges against him identifying with the amassing of benefits and supports past known wellsprings of pay. What’s more, he additionally submitted security bonds worth five million rupees according to the bearings of the court.

Dar reached the accountability Court-I in the midst of tight security, where the hearing has started. Security authorities escorted Dar to the court complex from the back entryway attributable to a substantial number of people show around the court premises. The media has been denied from entering the premises. In any case, various legal counselors were seen moving over the door trying to enter the complex.

Accountability court on Monday set September 27 as the date to prosecute Finance Minister Ishaq Dar regarding the examinations against him for the accumulation of assets and funds beyond know source of income.

The court, while providing duplicates of the reference and other material comprising of 23 volumes to Dar, said it expected to direct an everyday hearing in the reference to close the trial inside the stipulated time.

In consistence with the prior issued bailable arrest warrants, Dar’s guidance submitted bonds worth Rs1 million. Further, the court ordered the federal minister to submit Rs5 million to guarantee his quality in the trial.