Aisha Gulalai disqualification: EC to announce decision today

ISLAMABAD: A decision about Election Commission (EC’s) reference against the preclusion of Aisha Gulalai documented by Imran Khan will be reported on Tuesday.

In the last hearing, the five-member bench under the Chief Election Commissioner saved judgment for the situation documented by the PTI against Gulalai for resisting its orders. PTI boss Imran Khan’s legal counselor Sikander Mohmand emphasized before the commission a week ago that Gulalai declared to leave the party and afterward backtracked from her announcement.

She doesn’t have to exhibit a written resignation to leave the party, said the legal counselor, whereupon the ECP asked with respect to the sufficient party method for taking off. As per the party constitution, no settled strategy is available for leaving, Mohmand stated, including that the gathering boss can oust a part.

“Gulalai leaving the party however not leaving get together participation isn’t conceivable according to the party Constitution,” said the legal advisor. He additionally said that after the affirmation from Imran Khan, Ayesha Gulalai’s assembly participation should to be wiped out.

Gulalai’s legal advisor lawyer Masroor rejected PTI allegations and said that communicating the want to leave the party and actually resigning the party are not a similar thing.

Taking a correspond at PTI, the legal counselor said that the party had also declared to leave from parliament in 2014.