Armed attack kills at least six soldiers in Egypt’s Sinai

CAIRO: Armed activists killed no less than six Egyptian officers at a military post in the Sinai Peninsula, the armed force stated, in an assault later asserted by Islamic State.

Assaults focusing on security powers have been regular since Egypt’s leader Mohamed Mursi was expelled in 2013 after mass challenges against his run the show. The Egyptian armed force said in an announcement before on Friday six troopers were killed when “outfitted psychological militants” assaulted a checkpoint in Arish city with projectiles and guns.

Daesh said in an announcement discharged by the group’s legitimate news organization Amaq later on Friday that no less than 14 “faithless people” were killed, including one policeman. The group additionally said tens were injured in the assault.

Egypt is battling an insurrection against activists partnered with Daesh in the Sinai Peninsula where several security powers have been slaughtered since Mursi’s ouster.