Balochistan petrol pumps are closed in protest over FIA raid

QUETTA: Petrol pumps in Quetta and different areas of Balochistan stayed shut on Saturday on a call for strike by the Balochistan Petroleum Dealers Association (BPDA), causing an extreme lack of fuel over the Balochistan. The strike call came after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) struck the main oil terminal in the region and arrested its manager.

In the wake of the pumps terminations, the rates of petroleum took off to Rs150 and Rs200 per liter, making serious issues to the people.

BPDA Chairman Haji Wali Mohammad told the media that after the fuel terminal was struck by the FIA, its workers shut the stop as a dissent.

“We support this move and shut the pumps, on the grounds that if the depot is shut, where will be the petrol come from,” he said.

Mohammad said the FIA struck the depot with no reason in the wake of recuperating Iranian diesel from a tanker outside the terminal “which we condemn “. He included: “Our strike is random to the oil tankers affiliation strike. We have our own particular requests and till their acknowledgment, oil pumps will stay shut.”

No measures had been taken by the organization to break the strike till the time this report was recorded.