Bill Gates appreciates Pakistan’s effort in eradicating polio

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-chairman Bill Gates on Thursday appreciated the advance accomplished in destruction of polio in the course of the most recent four years in Pakistan and communicated trust that the objective of finish annihilation from the staying three pockets in the nation would be accomplished soon.

Entryways approached Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who is going to the United Nations General Assembly, at a lodging in New York.Gates repeated his proceeded with enthusiasm for cooperating for annihilation of polio in Pakistan. He likewise communicated enthusiasm for extension of engagements in different zones, including the more extensive inoculation program.

Prime minister Abbasi expressed gratitude toward Gates for the work Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is doing in Pakistan, especially for the destruction of polio and in addition their enthusiasm for extending in different ranges.

Bill Gates said thanks to the prime minister for ceaseless duty of the Government of Pakistan in accomplishing the target of killing polio in the nation. He communicated his expectation that the prime minister administrator would keep on leading the exertion till the finish of polio on an individual note.

Gates also communicated enthusiasm for making the budgetary administrations of Microsoft available to the general population of Pakistan in order to empower them to do money related exchanges and utilize online administrations.