A boy is escapes from kidnappers in traffic jam

A 12-year-old boy, who has grabbed a couple of days ago, figured out how to get away from his abductors in Rawalpindi while stuck in a traffic jam.

Describing his torment after the escape, Abdul Basit Shah joined by his family at the Muzaffarabad Press Club told the media that he was headed home a week ago when a man riding in a car asked for him to help push it at Neelum Bridge. At the same time, another man pushed him inside the vehicle and the kid went oblivious.
“When I recovered my senses I wound up in car stuck in traffic,” Basit said. From that point onward, he figured out how to escape the abductors exploiting the car influx out and about.

Conversing with the media at the press club, the boys’s parents and family requested that the government and police actualize strict checking measures on Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s entrance and also leave indicates all together stop criminal exercises over the border.