British police arrest another man over London train bomb

LONDON: A second man has been arrested over Friday’s bomb assault on a London underground train that harmed 30 people, police said on Sunday, as Britain stayed on its most elevated amount of caution with soldiers giving security.

The 21-year-old man was kept under Britain’s Terrorism Act in the west London suburb of Hounslow just before midnight on Saturday, the Metropolitan Police said in an announcement. Police captured an 18-year-old man in the port of Dover prior on Saturday and after that assaulted a property in Sunbury, a town close London and around four miles (six km) from Hounslow. The home-made bomb shot blazes through a train carriage stuffed with suburbanites at west London’s Parsons Green Tube station yet clearly neglected to explode completely.

Prime Minister Theresa May put Britain on its most astounding security level of “basic” late on Friday, which means another assault may be impending. Soldiers and arm forces were conveyed to key areas, for example, atomic power plants.