All cases against Imran Khan nearing their end: Fawad Chaudhry

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) representative Fawad Chaudhry on Monday said that there is no correlation between the instances of PTI Chairman Imran Khan and previous PM Nawaz Sharif.

While addressing the media outside the Supreme Court, Chaudhry said that bodies of evidence against the PTI executive will end whenever now. He demanded that Imran Khan brought all the returns from the sale of his loft in London, back to Pakistan.

Talking about Khan’s charged theft of thousands of pounds; he said that it can’t be contrasted with the misappropriation completed by the previous PM Nawaz Sharif, which surpassed billions of rupees.

He additionally commented that in opposition to Sharif who had been a piece of the legislature since the 1970s—the PTI administrator never held any administration office and thus, their examination would not be reasonable.

He said that the PTI executive presented a “decades-old money trail” under the steady gaze of the Supreme Court in the preclusion body of evidence against him. The PTI representative also brought up that bodies of evidence have been held up against Imran Khan just as a feature of a requital plot after previous PM Nawaz Sharif got excluded in the Panama Papers case.