Chris Gayle wins defamation case against media group in Australia

SYDNEY: West Indies cricket star Chris Gayle Monday won a defamation case against an Australian media bunch which asserted he exposed himself to a massage therapist.

The shocking allegations were made by Fairfax Media daily papers The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Canberra Times in a progression of stories in January a year ago. They guaranteed he exposed himself to team masseuse Leanne Russell in a changing area at the 2015 World Cup in Sydney and “disgustingly propositioned” her.

Gayle denied the charges, saying the journalists behind the story needed to “decimate him”. His partner Dwayne Smith, who was in the changing room at the time, also denied the incident occurred.

“Toward the day’s end I’m, extremely upbeat,” Gayle said after the decision, as per the Herald, adding that coming to court had been “exceptionally passionate”. “I’m a decent man. I’m not blameworthy,” he said.

The distribution of the stories took after a hubbub after Gayle endeavored to play with an Australian moderator on live TV, approaching her out for a drink and advising her: “Don’t blush, babt.”

Amid the week-long hearing, a sad Russell remained by the claims, saying she had gone to the room searching for a towel and ran over Gayle.