CJFE continues protest as Pakistani journalist Zeenat Shahzadi still missing

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE), is holding their second rally in help of the 26-year-old missing Pakistani journalist, Zeenat Shahzadi. A NGO situated in Canada, CJFE is a defender for the free articulation for journalist with-all through Canada. The rally plans for the government of Canada to have an exchange with government of Pakistan and guarantee the protected return of Shahzadi to her family.

Zeenat Shahzadi had kidnapped on 19th August, 2015. She was kidnapped in Lahore while going in a rickshaw. Her ride had been forced to stop and she was put into a vehicle and blurred away immediately and inexplicably. As far back as the occurrence, Shahzadi’s mother has been waiting for her to return home. Shahzadi’s younger brother even dedicated suicide after the kidnapping of her sister out of despondency. Shahzadi’s family trusts that the abducting was made by security organizations.

Shahzadi, at the time of disappearing, had been working with the tale of an Indian named Nehal Hamid Ansari, who entered Pakistan wrongfully after his visa was rejected. Ansari came to Pakistan for a gallant mission to stop the love for his life getting married to another man.

Ansari was having affair with a Pakistani girl. Ansari disappeared, Shahzadi was working her best to get Ansari justice, his family was in contact with Shahzadi. She was as a rule over and again recounted to not seek after this story by the authorities, but rather her undaunted assurance for the freedom of Ansari prompted her own particular disaster. Ansari has been condemned to three years in jail because of secret activities and wrongfully entering the Pakistani region, he entered Pakistan through Afghanistan. After two prolonged years, there has been no indication of Shahzadi’s arrival, and keeping in mind that the world waits, the inquiry remains, will she ever return?