Defamation case: Court seeks Gulalai’s response

LAHORE: Ayesha Gulalai, a previous Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member and MNA, has been asked by a Sessions Court on Saturday to present an answer on October 16 in reference to a legitimate notice served to her by PTI focal media organizer Javed Badar prior this month.

The PTI organizer had served a lawful notice to Gulalai on August 2, through his guidance Ahsan Javed, for criticizing PTI Chairman Imran Khan. The notice sent by Javed had requested that the MNA should answer to the notice inside ten days, either in type of an unqualified expression of remorse or by paying Rs 30 million as pay for her ‘unmerited claims’ against PTI executive. The notice also charged that the affirmations have made partiality the notoriety of the executive, causing tremendous misery, mental torment and stun to him, his supporters and gathering specialists.

Prior, Imran Khan had additionally sent a notice to Gulalai expressing that she hosts absconded from the party as far as Article 63 A (1) of the Constitution, and expressed that she publically surrendered from the gathering and did not vote in favor of the gathering’s assigned competitor in the head administrator’s races on August 1.

It additionally specified that Gulalai had neglected to answer to a show-cause see issued to her by the gathering on August 10.