Dr. Amir Liaquat quits BOL TV During his Live Transmission

Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain ends his journey from Bol Network the previous evening amid his show ‘Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga’, saying that he won’t be seen on Bol anymore. The news was declared by the anchor on fourteenth August, during the unique transmission of Bol News for Independence Day.

It was an unexpected declaration by the anchor and the Bol News transmission was ended instantly after he reported his renunciation on the set. In his keep going transmission on Bol News, he stated:

“Today we’re divided to the point that we don’t have any solution for our own particular distinguishing proof, we’re requested that whether we’re prepared be Pakistanis. I may have made a mistake, however I generally concede my mix-ups, since this is my keep going project on Bol and I won’t be seen on Bol anymore … ”

The transmission was cut off quickly. He gave the impression of apologizing for his words which may have harmed somebody. The previous individual from National Assembly was filling in as the Executive President BOL News Network when he chose to go separate ways with them.

There has been no news from his official Twitter handle, in any case, his own announcement on live transmission shows that he has left Bol Network for good.