End of an Era: Renowned chef Zubaida Tariq passes away in Karachi

KARACHI: Renowned chef Zubaida Tariq, prominently known as Zubaida Aapa, passed away on Friday night after an extended ailment, her sibling Anwar Maqsood affirmed. She was 72 years old. Relatives said she was taken to a clinic the previous evening after her condition all of a sudden crumbled.

Sources said she was experiencing Parkinson’s malady. As indicated by Zubaida Aapa’s family, her funeral prayer will be offered at Sultan Mosque, Defense, Karachi, after Jumma petitions.

Zubaida Tariq accomplished notoriety doing culinary shows on TV and composing cookbooks.

Her customary culinary exhortation portions on different TV channels were popular to the point that ‘Zubaida Aapa’ turned into a commonly recognized name crosswise over Pakistan. She affectionately came to be known as Zubaida Aapa.