English Boxer Amir Khan files for divorce with Faryal

English boxer Amir Khan has reported that he is petitioning for separate from Faryal Makhdoom weeks after the two had an exceptionally brilliant Twitter war. Amir has also provided reason to feel ambiguous about cases that Faryal is pregnant in another Snapchat video.

The couple are experiencing a troublesome time in their relationship as far back as people in general spat between them turned into a web sensation on Twitter. Both of them blame the other for cheating on them.

In the recently Snapchat, Amir Khan stated, “So me and Faryal are not together. I have petitioned for a separation. I hear that she has recently reported that she is pregnant. She didn’t let me know. I needed to peruse it via web-based networking media. I’m continually going to be there for my children [if] we’re not hitched. We’re not together but rather my children are everything to me.”

“I don’t know whether it’s actual that she is pregnant or not, the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually, but rather meanwhile I’m there for Lamaisah. She’s beginning and end to me. On the off chance that there is another child then I am will be there to demonstrate my help and be there for Faryal, however we both believe it’s not beneficial to be as one. It’s not beneficial for the children. I don’t need my youngsters to see us battling. We are authoritatively not together,” Khan included.