Excited Known that Six useful Whatsapp features

As every other person is a complete Whatsapp addict these days, mediabites has rounded up Seven Whatsapp features that you’re unlikely to have discovered but will make your Whatsapp experience a whole lot easier:

1. Hands free typing: you can get your phone to type for you by clicking on the small microphone and saying “Hi Siri” or “OK Google” followed by the name of the reciepient and your message.

2. Turn off last seen: well if there is someone your trying to ignore or you ustt simply don’t want anyone to know when you last appeared online on What Sapp, there is an option to turn off when you last appeared on Whatsapp, all you have to do is Settings > Account> Privacy >Last Seen> Nobody

3. Custom Notification: anticipating an important message? Well turn customize the senders notification to ensure it grabs your attention. Open Chat > Tap senders name > Custom Notification

4. Change message Format: you are able to change the font of your messages by Highlight message > Hold it > More options > Formatting menu

5. Mark as Unread: this one is for the nosey buggars. Accidently (or purposely) checked someone elses phone? Well don’t worry you may not get caught out you can set their message that you cheekily read to unread.

Long click on the conversation> Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your android > Mark As Unread

Iphone users: Long click conversation> Swipe left to right

6. Broadcast message: send one message to numerous contacts without having to make a group

Main menu> Broadcast message