Facebook launches a snooze button to mute annoying friends

Facebook has turned into a stage where our friends, kin, guardians, sweeper, milkman, tailor, and any individual who we experience in our day by day life lives. Now and then in clumsy circumstances, we do acknowledge individuals in our friends list notwithstanding when we don’t need them there.

What’s more, as a rule it happens that a companion keeps on communicating assessments or offers stuff that we discover irritating. In such a circumstance, possibly we unfollow them or unfriend them. Unfollowing is an extraordinary choice yet once you unfollow somebody, it appears like trip them from our lives also; out of the picture, therefore irrelevant. We totally disregard these irritating friends and when whenever you meet them and they ask, “For what reason didn’t you praise on my wedding news?” You are absolutely confused with respect to when this happened.

Facebook comprehends this and numerous such comparable situations, which is the reason it is launching a new snooze button which gives you a chance to mute your irritating friends, pages and groups for a time of 30 days. Once the period is finished, Facebook again requests criticism on whether you need to keep on snoozing or need them back in your newsfeed.