Federal government to present budget for next year 2018-19

The government is good to go to introduce its 6th back to back budget for the following money related year in the National Assembly today (Friday), with an expected cost of more than five trillion rupees while only 34 days before its five-year term finds some conclusion.

Counselor to Prime Minister on Finance, Dr. Miftah Ismail will exhibit the budget. The budgetary session has been summoned at 16:30 hours today.

The spending will center around enhancing financial development, keeping up monetary teach, decreasing non-advancement uses and boosting trades other than giving alleviation to the majority, advancing venture for work creation and treading individuals well disposed arrangements for general financial success.

The fundamental concentration in the spending will be on foundation and human resource development while the legislature is probably going to upgrade designations for social security net for giving most extreme help to the defenseless fragment of the general public, said the warning.