First Pakistani to be honored with Quilly Award for Best-Selling Book

Nauman Khan Azeemi is a business enterprenur, best selling author, ensured achievement mentor and initiative coach. He left a mark on the world as the primary Pakistani-American to get the renowned Quilly Award, presented by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors. He is situated in Chicago, USA.

Nauman Khan Azeemi was exhibited this honor in acknowledgment to his commitment in “Mastering the Art of Success” a top selling book that Nauman co-author with Jack Canfield alongside different business visionaries and experts. The book shares privileged insights of accomplishing authority in business and life, by the world’s driving business visionaries and experts. Nauman Khan Azeemi appreciates the benefit of being the main Pakistani-American to contribute his bits of knowledge and business information to this book.

The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors, the body that honors the Quilly was established to respect the commitments in the field of instruction, edification and business headways.

It was the greatest occasion of the year for best selling author and thought leaders. The objective of introducing this honor was to assemble a heritage that is the comparable to the Oscars, the Emmys or even the Grammys. The Quilly Award comprises of a 15-inch statue that has been etched and created by similar individuals who make the Oscars and the Emmy Awards.