FM Khawaja Asif says Pak-US strategic logic against terror intact

WASHINGTON: Foreign Affairs Minister Khawaja Asif on Thursday focused on that the key rationale behind working with the US against terrorism stays in place.

Talking at the US Institute of Peace, he said that Pakistan and the US had stayed long-standing companions. Both the nations have much to pick up by cooperating, he stated, including that he was tending to a comment made by US President Donald Trump, as he reported his South Asia arrangement in August.

Assailing Pakistan for giving ‘places of refuge’s to specialists of disarray, Trump had said that Pakistan has much to pick up by working with the US. “An organization moored in shared regard and quest for basic interests and comprehension of each other’s worries has served us before,” the remote pastor stated, including that there emerges a need among companions to renew and invigorate their fellowship.

“Since 9/11, our collaboration against terrorism has solidified common picks up and has debased Al Qaeda, which assaulted us both,” Asif included. In any case, he said that of late, there has been an inclination to put Pakistan’s counter-fear based oppression qualifications under core interest.

“In all actuality Pakistan isn’t quite recently battling yet in addition winning against psychological warfare,” he said. “We are battling fear mongering along and winning.” He said that Pakistan had rendered yields in the battle against psychological warfare and, enduring financial misfortunes, had seen a decrease in the quantity of psychological militant episodes.

He said that as law based organizations in the nation flourish and the economy creates, changing over residential security and financial additions into more extensive local solidness has remained a test for Pakistan because of the proceeded with struggle in Afghanistan. For Pakistan, the course of events of dealing with the drop out of Afghanistan’s security has been 30 years, he said.