Google fires employee behind controversial anti-diversity memo

Google has fired the employee who composed a disputable 10-page internal memo that criticizes the look the search giant for its endeavors to promote diversity and consideration in its workforce, the organization has affirmed to ABC News.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent a note to workers about the incident on Monday, saying the staff member abused the organization’s Code of Conduct.

The post went over “the line by progressing harmful gender stereotypes in our work environment,” Pichai said. “To propose a group of our partners have characteristics that make them less biologically suited to that work is hostile and not OK,” he included.

The memo also focused on what it referred to as a “left-inclining” working environment culture at Google and encouraged the firm to “stop distancing preservationists.”

The employee memo, titled “Google’s ideological echo chamber,” comes as the organization battles a wage-segregation test by the Department of Labor, which said it found confirmation that the inquiry mammoth regularly pays ladies not as much as their male partners. Google has denied those allegations.

In an email to workers on Saturday, Danielle Brown, Google’s newly selected VP of diversity and integrity, recognized the memo and said it “advanced incorrect assumptions about gender.”

“Assorted variety and incorporation are a central piece of our esteems and the way of life we keep on cultivating,” Brown composed. “We are unequivocal in our conviction that diversity and consideration are basic to our success as an organization, and we’ll keep on standing for that and be focused on it for the whole deal.”