Hack Day: Facebook Developers Circle across the country coming up in Lahore next Friday

To hold a group hack day, programming masters from the country and the Facebook Engineers are coming up at an occasion in Lahore this Friday.

The 6-hour long occasion to be held this weekend is bringing tech-heads and programming masters from crosswise over Pakistan at one table. The occasion is primarily engaged at the Facebook Community Challenges, and the engineers from the development team at Facebook themselves are to show up in this occasion. Adnan Majeed, a Pakistani national who is as of now working in as a product design at Facebook, will also be one of the veterans giving direction to the members about enhancing their entrances for Community challenges facilitated by Facebook.

The occasion can be utilized to discover tenable direction about the Facebook Community Challenge from none other than the Facebook engineering team. Aside from this preparation, the occasion can make for good networking as well as various similarly invested geeks will approach one forum and work together.

The hack day is being facilitated by Danish Rizwan who is at present working in as a Community Leader at the Facebook Developers Circle. The Developer Circles from Facebook are local groups organized by the community members, enabling diverse tech engineers to associate and work together with each other.