Harassing Girl on Facebook a man jailed fined Rs. 2 Lakh

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), after a report documented by a young girl, has captured a man named Azhar Safdar for harassing her on Facebook. The charged was brought under the steady gaze of the court and made a request to discredit the allegations made by the young girl. In the wake of neglecting to do as such the court has condemned the man to 14 months in jail alongside Rs. 2 lakh fine.

Federal Investigation Agency captured the man under Prevention of Electronic Crime Act 2016. In spite of the fact that the bill has numerous great sides, for example, making a move against the individuals who are engaged with online mishandle and cheats, it hosts been denounced by restriction gatherings in Pakistan’s parliament. The gatherings contend that administration has passed this law to control the right to speak freely in the nation and to make a move against online activists who concede with government’s arrangements and composes against the legislature via web-based networking media stages.