Hareem Farooq all set to host opening ceremony of PSL

KARACHI: Hareem Farooq is good to go to have the opening ceremony of the third edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL) on February 22, 2018, in Dubai. Pakistan Super League (PSL) will commence in Dubai and different famous people are traveling to go to the occasion and to root for their most loved teams.

Hareem, who has beforehand gotten enormous honors for her execution as a host for Hum Awards 2017, will take the inside stage for her obligations as the host for the opening ceremony.

“It’s a moment of awesome pride for me to speak to our extraordinary country Pakistan at such a colossal stage and, to the point that too on global ground! PSL is one of the greatest brandishing occasions for our stunning country, uniting us and facilitating the opening function is a respect for me as an on-screen character, as a maker and in particular a Pakistani,” expressed Hareem Farooq looking at facilitating the PSL opening ceremony.