Independence Cup: All political slogans banned during match at Qaddafi Stadium

LAHORE: Fans will be prohibited from chanting political slogans amid Pakistan versus World XI matches at the Gaddafi Stadium, express the set of accepted rules issued in front of the three-coordinate T20 Independence Cup starting today.

As indicated by the set of principles guide, supporters are restricted from depending on any sort of political slogans and chants, unfortunate behavior and swearing. Strict and expedient legitimate move will be made against anybody found violation the code of conduct.

As indicated by sources, a justice will be conveyed in every enclosure in area of the stadium who will implement the implicit rules. The officers will have the expert to complete captures and allot disciplines, if the circumstance requires any such activity.

Supporters won’t be permitted to carry any foods items and bottles inside the stadium. Cigarettes, lighters, batteries, chargers, and iron articles have also been restricted from the setting. Any chants in help of the players will be permitted. Fans will also be permitted to bring pictures with the players.

The Punjab Safe City Authority has introduced no less than 1,000 cameras in and around the stadium, which will be checked consistently in a control room. Fans coming to watch the matches at the stadium will be required to create their ticket and CNIC at purpose of section. There will be 38 carry transports to transport the fans from the parking area to the stadium section focuses.