India no longer abides by Indus Waters Treaty, says Khawaja Asif

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Tuesday, while criticizing India for relentlessly violating the Indus Waters Treaty, has said that India has quit abiding the treaty. He communicated these perspectives while tending to a service at the Institute of Strategic Studies.

He said that Pakistan maintains the settlement, India should to do likewise. “It is in favor of the two India and Pakistan,” said Asif. Different ventures developed by India are infringing upon the treaty and the nation never gave their plans to Pakistan, he said.

India has been harming Pakistan’s hydel and horticultural tasks, Asif finished up. Pakistan and India share the waters of Indus River Basin which has been a main bone of conflict between the two states since autonomy. With a specific end goal to determine the debate, the two nations marked IWT in 1960 expedited by the World Bank which has made due more than five many years of threats between the two states.