India using chemical weapons in Kashmir: Hafiz Saeed

LAHORE: Recently released Jamaatud Dawa (JD) chairman Hafiz Saeed said that India is abusing the universal human rights laws utilizing ‘chemical weapons’ against Kashmiris to stifle their flexibility battle.

He was tending to a social affair of JD pioneers and laborers here on Wednesday. He additionally said that India has crossed all points of confinement by utilizing ‘chemical weapons’ against Kashmiris.

Saeed said that the world including the UN should feel embarrassed about watching and doing nothing about the situation of the Kashmiris. He also said that the Pakistan government should wake up and raise its voice at international forums for this significant issue. He finished up by saying that India has dependably leveled outlandish charges against Pakistan and condemned India for utilizing power against Kashmiris, including that the current assaults were being completed at the order of Modi’s government.