Indonesian goalkeeper Huda dies after mid-game collision with teammate

JAKARTA: Indonesian football was in mourning on Monday after commended goalkeeper Choirul Huda kicked the bucket following an on-pitch collision with a teammate.

Huda, 38, a long-term standard for the place where he grew up club Persela in East Java, fallen just before half-time after Sunday’s incidental conflict with Brazilian midfielder Ramon Rodrigues.

Video film demonstrated the father of two gripping his chest in pain before he was hurried away on a stretcher and taken to the doctor’s facility. Doctors said he stopped breathing and endured a heart attack.

“He got a crisis treatment for a couple of minutes in the hospital however he couldn’t be saved. He kicked the bucket before 5:00 pm yesterday,” Persela’s partner mentor Yuhronur Efendi told AFP.

A huge number of fans additionally took to social media in memory of Huda, who had been referred to Persela supporters as “One Man, One Club, One Love”.