Irrfan Khan’s spokesperson dismisses reports of his deteriorating health

Bollywood on-screen character Irrfan Khan had uncovered a month ago that he had been determined to have an ‘uncommon illness’ later distinguished as neuroendocrine tumor, and is experiencing treatment in the United Kingdom.

While Irrfan is experiencing treatment, hypotheses about his health keep on picking up via social media, and gossipy tidbits were overflowing that the sickly star’s health is crumbling.

Be that as it may, his representative discharged an elucidation and rubbished every single such report, requesting that individuals cease from spreading gossipy tidbits. He additionally asked for fans and media to cease from treating ‘web-based social networking status’ as health updates.

A couple of days back, online reports asserted that the performing artist’s health was ‘reliably breaking down’. An Indian journalist Umair Sandhu refering to family sources had tweeted that Irrfan’s tumor was in its last stage.