It was unethical to hurl shoe at Nawaz Sharif, Says Imran Khan

It was unethical to fling a shoe at Nawaz Sharif, said PTI boss Imran Khan.

A man tossed a shoe at Nawaz at an occasion at Naeemia University. The man was captured.

“This is against our morals,” said Imran. “I’m happy that no PTI part was included yet I need to tell everybody that flinging shoes and tossing ink on anybody isn’t satisfactory.”

On Saturday, a man tossed dark ink at Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif in Sialkot.

Not long after the episode, police got the man. In any case, Asif required his discharge, saying that somebody may have utilized the man. “Discharge him since I don’t have any hostility with him,” he said.