Italian man infected dozens of women with HIV

ROME: An Italian man was condemned on Friday to 24 years in jail for contaminating more than 30 ladies with the HIV infection, subsequent to having unprotected sex with them regardless of realizing that he was HIV positive, a court ruled.

Valentino Talluto, a 33-year-old bookkeeper, seduced many women through informal organizations for 10 years before his arrest in November 2015. Police trust he engaged in sexual relations with no less than 53 ladies amid that time, passing on the infection to 32 of them. The male accomplices of three of the ladies hence gotten the conceivably lethal disease, as did an eight-month-old baby of a fourth lady.

Talluto frequently found a reason not to wear a condom, telling his accomplices that he was allergic to them, or had quite recently had a HIV test, the court in Rome heard. He communicated lament for what had happened, however said he didn’t understand the results of his activities.

Prosecutors had encouraged the court to give him life in prison, saying he had incited a HIV scourge. The court dismissed this, sentencing rather for “egregious and serious real mischief”.