Japanese serial killer case: confesses to killing victims over ‘two months’

TOKYO: A Japanese man, captured after police discovered nine dismantled bodies spoiling in his home, has confessed to killing every one of his victims over a two-month binge in the wake of reaching them through Twitter, media reports said Wednesday.

Authorities were testing 27-year-old Takahiro Shiraishi, who has supposedly admitted to hacking the flesh off the bodies and tossing it out with the waste, at that point sprinkling cat litter over the remaining parts with an end goal to conceal the proof. The horrible case has shocked Japan, which appreciates a low crime rate, and photos of the common house in a calm local location were sprinkled the country’s front pages.

Shiraishi has told police he reached his prey by means of Twitter and killed them “on the day he met” them, as indicated by a few media refering to police sources.