LHC summons police in missing peace activist case

LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday, summoned the police official researching the instance of a missing peace activists who is accepted to have been abducted by kidnapped men this month.

Raza Mehmood Khan, 40, an individual from Aghaz-I-Dosti (Start of Friendship) group that attempts to construct peace amongst Pakistan and India has not been gotten notification from since December 2 and his family documented a writ of habeas corpus in the court, a legal advisor representing his family said. LHC took up the case on Wednesday and the directing judge, Anwarul Haq, asked to the officer responsible for the police headquarters dealing with the case to show up at the following hearing on December 19.

The attorney, Usama Malik, disclosed to Reuters that a neighbor had called police the evening of December 2 to report that Khan was being kidnaped by obscure men.