‘I love Pakistan’s people more than its mountains’, says American-British mountaineer

ISLAMABAD: American-British mountain climber, Vanessa O’Brien, who scaled K2, said on Tuesday that the glow and love she got in Pakistan was inimitable.

“I adore Pakistan’s people more than its mountains,” she said.

O’Brien told media in a news conference at a hotel that she had discovered Pakistani people adoring, loving and caring. “I love Pakistan, its people and will get back to travel once more,” the 52-year old, who conveyed banners of both the US and Pakistan on the mountain said.

She said she would want to support Pakistan and its youth. She said there were such a variety of chances in Pakistan, including it required help in different parts and she might want to support this nation.

O’Brien, who had just ascended Mount Everest and other best tops the world over said in fact K2 was more troublesome top than Everest. “Under 400 individuals have climbed K2 and for each five that summit it, one dies. This looks at to Everest where 7,600 individuals have scaled that mountain. “As far as women, who have climbed K2, I’m formally the twentieth, only a spot contrasted with Everest’s 489 women,” she said. Vanessa’s K2 group was included climbers from China, Norway, Scotland, Pakistan and Nepal. She valued her colleagues saying, “I’m to a great degree glad for this group for their devotion, determination, dauntlessness and sense of duty regarding achieve the summit of K2 and to go for broke.”