Major explosion in Chinese port city kills at least two people

BEIJING: A factory blast in a port city south of Shanghai on Sunday killed two individuals and injured no less than 30 others as it thumped down structures and left streets covered with injured autos and trash, news reports said.

The blast struck a production line in a riverfront neighborhood in Ningbo, one of China’s busiest ports, the authority Xinhua News Agency and different outlets revealed. A police proclamation said the reason for the 8.55am impact was under scrutiny.

TV pictures demonstrated cars turned and damaged by the power of the blast, a tuft of dim smoke ascending in the sky, and flotsam and jetsam scattered for many meters around the site of the occurrence. Film demonstrated rescuers wearing caps diverting harmed people from the range, while others remained over a man lying on the ground.

As indicated by CCTV, observers said there were “a substantial number of harmed people” in the city, one of China’s biggest ports, which sits only south of Shanghai.