Maryam’s lawyers discuss Calibri font in appeal

ISLAMABAD: The legal advisors of Maryam Nawaz, in their appeal recorded against the accountability court’s decision, have particularly talked about the false announcement given by Robert Radley in the court, while fighting that the judge overlooked the lies of Radley and gave a decision against the previous head and his family.

It was Robert Radley’s report that produced the level headed discussion on the Calibri font style utilized as a part of the trust deeds introduced by the Sharif family in the courts, that the deeds were composed in Calibri font style which was not accessible before 2007, but rather the trust deeds were composed in 2006. Nonetheless, Radley, in his announcement in the court and round of questioning, conceded that Calibri was accessible before 2007 and he downloaded and utilized it in 2005.

The appeal states that while considering the believability of the Robert Radley’s report, the scholarly preliminary judge flopped in attempted this activity in the light of the various judgments refered to before him where such proof is held to be powerless. “Moreover, while depending on this witness, the educated preliminary judge has completely disregarded that this witness had given a false revelation on promise, and in addition made false portrayals on no less than two material counts.