Meesha shafi’s lawyer rejects all claims by Ali Zafar

KARACHI: Meesha Shafi, through her lawyer on Saturday, has dismissed all allegations made by Ali Zafar’s lawful team in a defmation note.

Meesha’s lawyer Ahmed Pansota told media: “we completely deny all affirmations, statements or potentially hints made in Ali Zafar’s notice, sent to us prior against Meesha, which are all lawfully and authentically wrong.”

Shafi’s lawful team contains Hina Jillani, Saqib Jillani, Nighat Dad and Ahmed Pansota.

The team wrote in the answer to Ali Zafar’s legal team that “your client is asked to pull back the unlawful and false notice and issue a statement of regret instantly for the wrongs he has submitted against women.”

The answer is because of the legitimate notice sent by Ali Zafar’s guidance requesting that Meesha Shafi erase the tweet wherein she charged their client of sexual haraessment and apologize on similar affirmations, or pay a one billion rupees fine for criticism.