Millions of Muslims gather at Karbala to pay tribute to Imam Hussain(RA)

KARBALA: Million of explorers have walked towards Karbala to stamp celebration of Ashura functions.

As indicated by sources enormous number of individuals are relied upon to visit Imam Hussain(RA), and Hazrat Abbas(RA) places of worship arranged in Karbala to pay tribute. Chest beating ceremonies, outcries will be seen.

Ashura is the tenth day of first Islamic Month Muharram, where Muslims celebrate and pay tribute to the sacrifices set around the grandson of Prophet Muhammad(SAWW) , Imam Hussain(RA) 1400 years back at the fields of Karbala.

Security is on high ready the whole way across Iraq. Iraq has been under continuous risk from IS, and have now recouped after versatile battle set up by the Iraqi Armed powers. Explorers from everywhere throughout the world go to Karbala, which is in south of Iraq’s capital Baghdad consistently.

This year Ashura is on first October, Sunday 2017.