Modi inaugurates Kishanganga Dam, Pakistan protests against it

SRINAGAR: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday inagurated a hydroelectric power plant in the territory of Jammu and Kashmir, in the midst of challenges from Pakistan which says the undertaking disregards the Indus Water Treaty (IWT) and will upset water stream to the country.

Pakistan has contradicted a portion of the Indian tasks, saying they damage a World Bank-interceded settlement [IWT] on the sharing of the Indus waterway and its tributaries whereupon 80 percent of its flooded farming depends.

Moreover, it has additionally sent an abnormal state appointment to the United States, looking for an intercession of the World Bank against the development of the disputable 330 MW hydropower project in the involved valley. “The appointment drove by Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf will request of the WB to constitute a global court of intervention and will hand-off its worries over the issue.