Mufti Qavi offered large number of rupees: Qandeel’s parents claim

KARACHI: Mufti Abdul Qavi had offered a large number of rupees in pay off to pull back the murder case as asserted by guardians of Qandeel Baloch’s folks on Saturday. They guaranteed that Mufti Qavi, the prime blamed for their little girl’s murder, had offered ten million rupees to pull back the case.
In the meantime, Mufti Abdul Qavi experienced an angiography, report of which demonstrated that his left course is blocked.

His specialists have exhorted against the charged’s physical remand to the police because of dire need of his treatment. The session court had remanded the charged into police authority for four days on Thursday. Mufti Qavi was captured on Wednesday after the court rejected his safeguard request and requested the police to capture him for neglecting to participate with the indictment.