NA speaker fears assembly may not last its term

National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq on Wednesday expected that the assembly won’t not last their term, saying he was seeing a ‘greater plan’ in the offing.

“I am not an astrologer … I trust it [the National Assembly] finishes its protected term yet I don’t predict it happening,” the speaker said while conversing with a private news channel.

He said all the opposition parties with the exception of one proposed to see the government finishing its residency. “Sadness is a wrongdoing, however without precedent for my political profession now I am crippled,” Sadiq stated, including, “I feel something is going to happen… things are radically not the same as 2002 and 2008.”

Ayaz Sadiq was alluding to the proceeding with political adventure in the nation following the ‘messed up’ Faizabad crackdown and in addition the circumstance emerging from the arrival of the Model Town request report.