NAB chairman wants zero tolerance against corruption

ISLAMABAD: Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal on Thursday said that corruption couldn’t be wiped out until the point when NAB’s authorities embrace zero tolerance strategy and sticking to straightforwardness, legitimacy and genuineness.

He was tending to officers of the NAB Headquarters and Rawalpindi Bureau in the wake of taking his charge as the executive. In an offer to reestablish NAB’s esteem, Justice Iqbal said that the standard of ‘responsibility for all’ eventual entirely executed and all request/examinations would be led inside given time as opposed to waiting on for a considerable length of time.

“All cases documented by NAB to the accountability courts, high courts and the Supreme Court of Pakistan would be taken after successfully and department’s position would be exhibited under the steady gaze of them according to law and confirmations to help recover plundered cash from degenerate components, moreover, reprimanding them,” he said.

The chairman said that he neither took dictation nor he would do in future. He said that he had constantly given decisions as per law. Justice Iqbal guided the NAB officers to work with due ingenuity without being affected. “You have a place with an organization which is ordered to control threat of corruption from the country. Individuals are having high expectations from this establishment,” he said.

“I will personally monitor performances of all authorities/officers and an unmistakable contrast will be found in agency’s execution in coming months,” he included.