Nawaz Sharif vows to bring Pervez Musharraf to court

LAHORE: Vowing to convey previous president Pervez Musharraf to the court soon, previous PM Nawaz Sharif on Friday stated, “The time has wanted the individuals who damaged the Constitution to be rebuffed”.

While addressing Pakistan Muslim Leauge-Nawaz (PML-N) workers and pioneers following the Friday assembly, Sharif stated: “The courts should be stirred on Musharraf’s cases.” Sharif, whose second term as the PM finished because of the then army chief Musharraf’s overthrow in October 1999, said that the previous president is a “defeatist” and is rationalizing to remain abroad. “In the event that he is so overcome, he should come to Pakistan and face the cases.”

Prior this week, out of the blue since Nawaz’s preclusion on account of Supreme Court, the Sharif family openly said that start of an injustice body of evidence against Musharraf by the PML-N government was the explanation for his ouster.

“Will we see any court consider Musharraf responsible for his wrongdoings?” Sharif had asked, communicating trust that “it would happen one day”.

Musharraf is as of now confronting trial in the Benazir Bhutto kill case.