No possibility of cricket series between Pakistan-India in this year : Sushma Swaraj

NEW DELHI: Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said on Monday that the high number of “cross-fringe firings by Pakistan” does not set the tone for engagements, for example, a cricket series, as indicated by Times of India.

She said this at a meeting of the consultative advisory group connected to the Indian service that offered an audit of relations with neighbors. Reacting to a question in the case of restarting the since quite a while ago suspended cricket trade could be a possibility for facilitating pressures between the two nations, Swaraj said there had been proposals on philanthropic lines, for example, the release of ladies and elderly prisoners and detainees.

The India-Pakistan cricket apparatus has been off the worldwide schedule for some time now and the poor condition of two-sided binds don’t appear to permit an adjustment in position up ’til now however the two countries keep on competing in global rivalries where the teams play each other.