Norway solar firm signs 2.5 bn-euro deal with Iran for solar panel

Days after US President Donald Trump called for encourage confinement of Iran, a Norwegian solar company signed an agreement to put 2.5 billion euros in the country throughout the following five years.

“Norway is completely dedicated to the JCPOA (atomic arrangement) and this is proof that we have considered the opening important, and we will see greater venture soon,” Norwegian diplomat Lars Nordrum told AFP.

He was facilitating the marking at his habitation in Tehran between Norway’s Saga Energy, which will work with Iran’s Amin Energy Developers to introduce two gigawatts of solar panels boards in numerous destinations around the focal betray region.

It comes days after Trump gave a contentious discourse, forcing further endorses on Iran and calling for European partners to check their budgetary dealings with the country.

The new solar project undertaking is being financed by a consortium of European private and state financial specialists, and sponsored by a sovereign certification from the government of Iran.