We should not overlook Khadija case in the midst of Panama

For some people yesterday was a major day for Pakistan as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was asked to take a hike home. For Khadija Siddiqui and her Lawyer Hassan Niazi the coming day would be memorable one-for 14 months she has fought energetically and all her strength, to get justice against Shah Hussain who stabbed her 23 times, left unsalvageable scars on her body as well as.

Khadija Siddiqui survived 23 stabs visible to everyone on Davis Road Lahore and confronted get equity from the courts. Her more youthful sister was witness to this brutal demonstration who has yet not recouped from the stun. During one hearing the rival legal advisors interrogated Khadija Siddiqui for nine hours, they not just endeavored to do character death by demonstrating her photos with some class colleagues and big names yet in addition addressed in the event that she was a virgin. They did it just to disfavor her and expedite weight her with the goal that she may venture once more from the case, which left everybody pondering of its significance to the assault? Regardless of what their relationship was there is no support for the assault.

People were glad to discover that the Judge of Lahore High Court who is hearing this case, had declined to give the adversary’s legal counselor a chance to exhibit individual pictures and pass frightful comments against Khadija. Each case should be removed in such a way particularly where it includes sensitive issues like an assault case, the respect of young ladies or physical prosperity, that no lady ought to be disgraced, mocked, or tormented for equity. With respect to the legal counselors, its opportunity they should likewise figure out how to keep the peace. They have transformed into goons and when things don’t go to support them they begin setting up a racket. Leaving the judge with no choice than to tame them.

Is Khadija not a girl or daughter? Why she is constantly threatened? Isn’t Khadija’s father in torment to witness her little girl heading off to the court? Does anybody understand what her family may have experienced when those repulsive inquiries were placed in front her in the court? In any case, at that point, she is not the country’s little girl, she is our little girl, so she can be dealt with in any case they like.

I have an inquiry for Maryam Nawaz and the PML(N) administration, how might anybody say nothing for Khadija’s rights, or not attempt to remain by her? In the event that Maryam’s regard and respect was being harmed by heading off to the court, shouldn’t something be said about Khadija’s? Compare!