Now Bollywood to make a film on Somalian sea pirates

Film Maker Siddharth Roy Kapur has marked on executive Vinil Mathew and screenwriter Sudip Sharma for a sensational spine chiller roused by evident occasions encompassing a privateer attack off the Somalian drift.

The movie inspired by the genuine story of vendor naval force officer Audumbar Bhoi whose ship and team was attacked by Somalian privateers is said to be delivered under the Roy Kapur Films standard, as indicated by an announcement.

Kapur portrayed it as a “one of a kind and energizing subject” and said that his banner’s team has been creating it for a long time.

“The film depends on evident occasions including robbery on the Somalian high oceans and is told through the eyes of a youthful Indian vendor naval force officer, who needs to explore through incredibly unsafe conditions while managing colossal individual difficulties. It is an exciting, sensational and enthusiastic adventure, and we couldn’t have requested a superior executive than Vinil Mathew to recount this story. Additionally, having Sudip on board as the screenwriter for the film is a colossal favorable position, as he unfailingly makes important characters, possesses them in credible universes, and in the process makes solid clashes and riveting show,” he said.