Now YouTube is testing the ability to see live watch counts on any video

Out of the greater part of Google’s administrations, it generally appears as though YouTube is the one that has the most tests going ahead at any given time. Today, a client has found (by means of Android Police) that the YouTube application for Android is demonstrating the quantity of individuals viewing a particular video at any given time.

Whatgoing on here ought to be sufficiently basic to get it. When viewing a video on YouTube you can perceive what number of other YouTube clients is watching that video in the meantime as you continuously. This check replaces the standard view number, however there’s no conspicuous approach to change that back, in any event from what can be found in the screenshots beneath.

This is one in-application test that hasn’t already flown up on whatever other YouTube stage. For the web, particularly in the Creator Studio, this kind of highlight would bode well, so we can dare to dream this is the initial move towards that. For the end client, this element is cool, however appears to be quite pointless. Live watch numbers appears to be something that makers would discover considerably more important. Notwithstanding, the element is flying up for different clients now, however it appears like an entirely restricted rollout.